LI Pak Huen, Esther

LI Pak Huen, Esther's art practice focuses on daily life and her sentiments. She mainly gets inspirations from everyday life, as she is curious about the delights and possibilities from ordinary matters. In addition, expressing her strong emotions is also one of the reasons she makes art. Apart from illustration, she is also interested in drawing, painting, printmaking, and animation.

Recently, LI is attempting to make large-scale artworks in order to expand the scope of her works.



Elephant and me in the room

Pencil on paper

Dimensions variable

'Until the room collapsed, I realised that the elephant and I did not belong to this room from the very beginning.'

Elephant and me in the room is about LI's experience of growing up from a teenager to an adult. She has tried to fit in with others, but failed because of her unchanging personality, which is stubborn and difficult to be understood. The term 'elephant in the room' means an obvious problem that is being ignored by the majority. The elephant implies a challenging problem, at the same time, it is the artist herself. When the elephant and LI leaves the room, they have escaped from being defined as 'trouble makers'. They have been set free only when they go out of the limited space.