LI Mei Yuk, Edith

LI Mei Yuk, Edith focuses on illustration, but she is also interested in graphic design and printmaking. She tries to explore her illustration in different forms of art and media. She observes things in her daily life and reflect them in her artworks.

LI is passionate about learning new things. Therefore, she categorises her learning as her experience and tries to apply them in her works. LI attempts to incorporate creative decisions in her works, thus executing ideas that are outside of the box. She believes that making artworks need imagination and the incorporation of useless ideas. She has faith that she will strive for excellence and overcome any difficulties and doubts.



Happy Tree Friends

Chinese ink on rice paper, wood

210 × 22 cm

'Don Don doong dong dong ding dong ding ding dong dong ding ding doong.'

「Don't Don't 騷擾動物跳進蠢蠢欲動的洞內叮咚叮叮咚咚叮叮動。」