LI Lok Sze, Lala

LI Lok Sze, Lala's work consists of different mediums such as glass, photography, and jewellery. Among all the media she uses, she finds herself progressively interested in glass blowing. LI's work emphasises on how patterns can be applied with various media. In addition, she is also interested in the issue of mental illness in Hong Kong. In her stance, mental illness is usually ignored in the society. She hopes that her work can help those who are suffering from those illnesses.



Kiln-formed glass

Installation: 96 × 96 cm, set of 49, 12 × 12 cm each
裝置尺寸:96 × 96 cm,共 49 件,每件 12 × 12 cm

Healing is about finding the lost and past self. It is a record of LI's emotional state and acts as a healing tool to recover from bipolar disorder II.