LEI Tsz Yi, Gigi

LEI Tsz Yi, Gigi specialises in drawing, painting, and graphic design. Her work spans a variety of mediums including digital illustration, animation, brushwork on canvas, and installation.

In her illustrations, she enjoys making odd, humorous and often absurd decisions. She thinks that 'Humans like entertainment and not boring things'. Her inspirations come from daily life, comics, patterns, and exhibitions. Most of her work falls into one category of related illustrations that share common themes and symbols. She mainly focuses on outlines and tends to create semi-realistic type of illustrations. In order to give attentions to everyday worries and desires, as well as to make the audience see them from a new perspective, she transforms these daily concerns into illustrations and uses them to deal with common issues.



'Zhu' Sheng

Digital print on paper

18 × 25 × 5 cm

'Zhu' Sheng narrates a story with a dark sense of humour, revealing the truth from behind intensive livestock farms to the miserable life of the protagonist. 'Zhu' Sheng reflects on the ridiculous reality of human society. Human beings are constantly in the cycle of being controlled, exploited, cheated, and fooled by powerful beings, which is revealed through satire and criticism of hypocrisy and cruelty of reality in the work.