LAW Crystal Tsz Ching

LAW Crystal Tsz Ching's work discusses her personal stories, specifically the relationship between her family and herself. She sees her artworks as reflections and opportunities for her to face her problems. In her work, materials play an important role. Instead of working with a fixed medium, she tends to choose suitable materials based on their features and background, which helps consolidate her ideas.

LAW often gets inspiration from traditional Chinese cultures. She loves China's long cultural history and its close relationship with people's lives. Therefore, various Chinese elements can be found in her works.



A complete family


Dimensions variable

LAW grew up in a divorced family, where either her father or mother has been absent in some part of her life.

Even though she is the heart of the family, after her father passed away, the idea of a complete family becomes both precious and vague in her memories. Amongst the various memories about her family, she believes that they were the most complete when they took a family photo in her childhood.

A complete family uses family photos as the blueprint, and the parts with her parents are made into earrings. When she wears them, it shows a whole picture of the family.