LAM Hei Yu, Jonathan

LAM Hei Yu, Jonathan (b. 1997) is a ceramicist, planter, makeup artist, bartender, and dog trainer. LAM's work focuses on the properties, behaviour, plasticity and history of ceramic. By synthesising various fields in ceramic, LAM explores the possibilities in firing and glazing techniques in his works.

LAM also works with Chinese art and sculpture. He wishes to explore the possibility of combining his wide range of interests into his work. LAM recently focuses on how plants and ceramic can interact with each other by studying, exploring and planting a broad range of plants.



Breath-taking Year

Ceramics with mosses

Set of three, 35.6 × 20.3 × 22.9 cm each
共三件,每件 35.6 × 20.3 × 22.9 cm

Breath-taking Year showcases how the artist deals with his emotions during the past year through moulding ceramics and planting mosses in this work. He found himself suffering from the symptom of anxiety disorder appeared as 'intermittent dyspnea'. It inspired him to find objects related to breathing last year, in which he feels emotionally attached to. Through the meditative process of moulding, he gradually detaches his anxiety from the object, then continuously heals himself through the meditative process of planting mosses on it.