KWAN Cheuk Yan, Cherry

KWAN Cheuk Yan, Cherry is a visual artist who creates works related to the environment and mankind. Her works do not have a particular medium, but she favours calligraphy, seal engraving, photography, and drawing. Details in everyday life inspire her artworks concerning man and his surroundings. The movement of an action or the colour of an object are sometimes ideas for her work as well. In addition, she is an animal lover, who continuously studies the relations between human and the wild life and is keen on promoting harmony between nature and humans.


Animal Funeral

Inkjet print on paper

42 × 59.4 × 3 cm

Animal Funeral is a series of photos representing funeral pictures of some endangered wild animals. They are not clearly seen as they are still alive in the wild, but are going to be disappear. 'I don't want my future generation to see the wild through photos, I want them to experience it.'

KWAN wants to raise people's awareness in animal protection, especially some unexpected animals, like giraffes.

She uses calligraphy as her photography style. Civilisation comes with words, and words, originated as Hieroglyphs, comes from nature. This is to illustrate that although nature has provided mankind with abundant resources to develop, human beings do not give back or respect what they have taken.

《Animal Funeral》是一系列展現瀕危野生動物葬禮的像片。雖然沒有很多人知曉這些動物在野外的存在,但它們即將消失。「我不想讓我的下一代只能通過像片看到野生環境,我想讓他們親身體驗。」關卓恩希望提高人們保護動物的意識,尤其是一些意想不到的物種,比如長頸鹿。