KAN Hoi Tung, Dahlia

KAN Hoi Tung, Dahlia is interested in working with paints and papers. She focuses on making paintings and various kinds of paper crafts, such as paper cutting, paper sculptures and alternative books. Her works are often related to her experiences, which changes from time to time depending on her encounters in life. In her practice, she explores certain topics of nature and self-discovery, which includes her thoughts on religion, human and nature, and her confusion towards her own identity. She sees art as a communication device. Through her art practice, she demonstrates poignant opinions and re-evaluates herself.


The Ocean Project

Mixed media on paper

Dimensions variable

The Ocean Project alludes to a process of searching what the ocean is.

'What is this matter named ocean? As a human being, how do I see this world? I engage with the physical ocean, whilst looking for an imaginary ocean.'

《The Ocean Project》暗指一個尋找甚麼是海洋的過程。