HU Xinlin, Sharon

HU Xinlin, Sharon is an interdisciplinary artist who works with a wide spectrum of media. Her recent experimentations are more immersive, which encompass moving images, lighting and dynamic texts as mediums for abstraction. HU is passionate about searching for the underlying relationships between things, the essence of personhood and their social implications. Her practice usually mirrors the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, fears and experiences rooted in certain social and cultural contexts. The perspective in HU's work leaps between the micro and macro level, and she often responds to major issues by manifesting little things in life.


Can You Hear Me

Single-channel video

10 min, looped
10 min,循環播放

In the journey of timeless solitude, recurring patterns and prescribed disciplines are gradually dissolved. In that destruction, there is the creation of something new. HU explores the form and metaphor of flickers in the dark, interweaves linguistic message from visualised Morse code with non-linguistic visual composition, compounding a series of ambiguous conversations. In Can You Hear Me, HU aims to challenge the prescribed form of communication, and reflect on the possibility of rising above the normal and seek for methods to connect with myriad of things.

在無窮盡的獨處中,曾經日復一日的模式與被界定的規則都逐漸被消解。而在這解構中,又出現了新的事物。胡昕臨嘗試去探索那些黑暗中的閃爍搖曳的光點,將視覺化的摩斯電碼所傳達出的語意與非語言性的視覺圖像交織,化作一系列不明確的交談。在《Can You Hear Me》中,胡昕臨旨在向固有的交談模式挑戰,並反思如何跳出日常生活的框架以尋求與萬事萬物建立聯結的方式。