HO Hin Ting

HO Hin Ting focuses on craft-making. She is interested in collecting small and inconspicuous objects from daily life as the main element of her works. She creates works not only inspired by the liveliness and vitality in nature but also based on her expanding memories and personal stories. While exploring ceramic, painting, drawing, glass and textiles in her earlier works, she finds herself particularly keen on observing and making miniatures. Thus, she finds ways to combine her personal collections and embroidery to make jewellery. She constantly develops her own methods in jewellery-making in order to make them more portable and interactive to remind people of the beauty of the natural environment and the importance of cherishing memories.


If Time Could Go Back...

Hair, brass, thread, yarn, papers, found objects, wood, fabric, towel, acrylic, acrylic on wood, organic plastic mirror, frosted stickers
頭髮、黃銅、針線、毛冷、紙張、現成物、木板、布、毛巾、亞加力膠、木面塑膠彩、 有機塑膠鏡片、磨砂膠貼

Dimensions variable

If Time Could Go Back... talks about HO's memories with her mother who has passed away and her wish to recover the time she shared with her. 'While my mother was getting sick, her hair dropped one by one from her head. It seemed like my time with her was becoming less and less.' Therefore, HO collected and used her own hair to embroider every thread of their memories as a way to get back the time with her mother, especially the memories in her childhood, which was filled with a lot of happiness. Her work combines different collections of found objects that are related to those memories to become a series of brooches.