HAI Kam Lan, Kimmy

HAI Kam Lan, Kimmy's work includes graphic design, furniture design, paintings, jewellery, and installation. Most of her early artworks focus on investigating the relationship between humans, society, and the environment. After a period of trial and error, she began to use mixed media as her creative media. She often incorporates graphics into different media, such as three-dimensional forms, multimedia, and some bright-coloured plain blocks. HAI sincerely believes that design is a way of life. She thinks that design can improve the overall quality of a person's life.


Hong Kong 2030
香港 2030

Digital print on paper

80 × 120 cm

Imagine Hong Kong in 2030, where commodity prices keep rising. How do Hongkongers struggle to survive? What problems will Hong Kong face? This project will tell you how to survive in Hong Kong in 2030. Hong Kong 2030 intends to point out that the livelihood issues in Hong Kong that have been long neglected.