FAN Ruqing, Amy

FAN Ruqing, Amy practises graphic design, illustration, and recently, printmaking. Curiosity and observations are essential factors to her work. Observing and understanding little details from a unique perspective and paying attention to mundane things that are easily ignored are the sources of her inspirations.

In most of FAN's works, she uses everyday objects as either a material or subject matter. By using alternative perspectives to show the different possibilities of things that people are used to, she hopes that her works can boost people's awareness and passion for their daily life.



By Chance

Digital print on paper

Dimensions variable

FAN likes to takes photos of intriguing moments in her daily life. The photos in By Chance include odd objects she sees on the streets, and interesting shapes that are hidden in each page of the newspaper.

One day, she had a sudden idea to use the cropped graphics from the newspaper to recreate the scenes from those weird daily odd object photos that she has collected.