CONSEJA Gabrielle Anne Brillantes, Abbie

CONSEJA Gabrielle Anne Brillantes, Abbie is a Filipino artist based in Hong Kong. As she grew up in an English-speaking environment in a mainly Cantonese-speaking society and was exposed to a variety of ethnicities and cultures at an impressionable stage of her life, she became confused and began to examine her sense of identity and sense of belonging. Consequently, she uses art as a method to help her explore and discover her authentic self, reflect on her unique life experiences, and discuss social issues and psychological effects deriving from immigration.

Her practice centres around ideas and uses any medium to complement them. However, she does have a strong preference for sculpture, installation, spatial design, experience design, and media arts.

CONSEJA Gabrielle Anne Brillantes, Abbie是一名居住在香港的菲律賓藝術家。她在一個以粵語為主流語言的英語環境中長大,以及在人生最敏感的階段接觸了各種種族和文化,她因而開始感到困惑並開始審視自己的身分認同感和歸屬感。因此,她利用藝術作為一種方法以幫助自己探索和發現真實的自我、反思自己獨特的生活經歷和探討移民帶來的社會問題和心理影響。


Walks of Life

Video walk

15 min 7 sec

After relocating to Hong Kong, CONSEJA Gabrielle Anne Brillantes could never exactly figure out her sense of identity or sense of belonging as she did not completely comply with the constraints of certain identities and social groups.

To demonstrate how space can influence one's identity, Walks of Life takes you on a journey around Kai Tak campus to discuss the complexities and nuances of being an immigrant and parallels the artist's life experiences with the historical background of the site.

Visitors are highly recommended to personally take part in the video walk, where instructions can be found in the cards or in the beginning of the video.

自移民到香港後,CONSEJA Gabrielle Anne Brillantes並沒有完全地遵守特定 身份和社會群體的約束,所以她始終無法準確地理解自身的身份感或歸屬感。

為了展示空間如何影響一個人的身份 ,《Walks of life》帶 你 繞 着 啟 德 校 園 走 一 圈,討論作為移民人口的複雜性和細微差別,並將藝術家的生活經歷與場地的歷史背景作併行比較。