CHUNG Wing Tai, Jessica

CHUNG Wing Tai, Jessica creates artworks based on the theme of memory. People's memories are usually inauthentic as they are often distorted by feelings, emotions, and expectations. CHUNG wants to show the contrast between reality and fantasy. Her work mainly uses contrasting materials. She also likes to use transparent materials to create her work as she believes that the light reflected onto her work gives the audience a different impression. This engages more meaning and creates a broader room for imagination to the audience.



Metal bar, plastic bowl, water

Dimensions variable

Memories are similar to puzzles. People perceive images differently in their minds and form a 'documentary' of their experiences. They believe what they remember is true and real. However, when interfered by emotions and imagination, memories are not always as fresh as they seem. The happiness you feel in the moment may somehow sugar-coat your experience. Who can tell whether the memories in their minds are not coming from their imagination?