CHUI Oi Ying, Jamilla

CHUI Oi Ying, Jamilla's practice encompasses painting, drawing, ceramic, textiles, and jewellery. CHUI's works are based on her experiences or the occurrences in her life. She materialises the thoughts from her memories. Thus, there are different approaches to her work depending on the perspective she had during those events. Moreover, she is interested in relationships between people because she believes that relationships inspire people's thoughts, especially the ones who you love, are important and really matters to you.

徐愛凝的創作涵蓋繪畫、陶藝、紡織和微細金工。她的作品主要建基於她的個人經歷或人生中曾發生的事,利用不同的媒介和方式去將想法和記憶實體化地展現出來。她會因應在這些事件中的觀點,而有不同的創作方向。 此外,她對人與人之間的關係很感興趣,因為她認為關係能夠影響人們的思想,尤其是對自己最重要和所愛的人。


Silver, oil ink on acrylic

Dimensions variable

Brand is a jewellery and miniature sculpture that showcases CHUI's experience with depression. The light refracted reflects the scars on various parts of her body, narrating the uncontrollable and inescapable feeling when suffering from self-blame.

'Depression is another me unilaterally repressing myself from the deep. It is an inescapable brand.'