CHU Hiu Ying, Zita

CHU Hiu Ying, Zita is interested in capturing random occurrences and objects in daily life, in which she finds herself fascinated by the subtle affection and unique ambience rooted in every detail. She sees each of her works as a fusion of observation and personal memory. Her practice is based on her observation and commentary of life. She shares and expresses via different mediums, including jewellery, ceramics, illustration, and installation. She sometimes employs performative and conceptual approaches to further elaborate, depict or reflect the relationship between humans and the society.


Have Seen
睇過 Zine

Printed book

Set of two 共兩件 , 15 × 20 cm, 42 × 56 cm

When CHU Hiu Ying, Zita was a child, she was forced to write her diary every day. It used to be a boring duty for her, but now, she does enjoy doing it. As she grew up, she tends to express herself through illustration rather than text, yet surprisingly finds the change from passive to active communication amazing and her diary, which she was forced to write in primary school, is now so precious to her. She would like to make a zine for that.