CHOY Ngan Wai

CHOY Ngan Wai, Annie thinks that observing the changes of the city is a significant starting point for her practice. She is interested in exploring strange materials in her daily life, and believes that no matter what material it is, it could be one of the interesting elements to her artworks. CHOY's ideas come from her hometown, Hong Kong, where historical and political subjects are used by her to express a sense of belonging. She finds herself deeply connected to the city. One of her artworks, The Gravestone of Historical Building, which was created in 2018, relates to the 'footprints' of the historical buildings left behind in Hong Kong Island. It reflects the collaborative memories and relationships between the buildings and citizens.

蔡雁慧認為觀察城市的變化是她創作的重要出發點。在日常生活中,她對探索陌生的材料很感興趣,並認為無論是甚麼材料,都可以成為她的藝術作品中有趣的元素之一。蔡雁慧的想法來自於她的家鄉——香港,歷史和政治主題都在那裏被用作表達一種歸屬感。她發現自己與這個城市有着很深的聯繫。她的作品之一《The Gravestone of Historical Building》創作於2018年,與香港島遺留下來的歷史建築的「足印」有關。它反映了建築和市民之間的集體回憶與關係。

My Four Treasures Of Study

Mixed Media, fabric, cotton, bamboo

Dimensions variable

'Whenever I read a book, it makes me feel like I am enjoying delicious cuisines.'

My Four Treasures Of Study attempts to utilise and base itself on the ingredients of Japanese cuisine to design a series of four adjustable book slipcovers. Each of them has an added functionality, create a new reading experience.