CHONG Yan Xuan, Kimberly

CHONG Yan Xuan, Kimberly is intrigued by the mutual relationship between humans and nature. She believes that no matter how humans stray away from nature, we are forever part of the ecosystem and dependent on what nature has to offer. CHONG often plays with ideas ranging from co-existence, appreciation to environmental repercussions from human actions. Her practice spans jewellery, glass, and installation.

'I find myself growing increasingly fond of using found objects in my works. I find it amusing to stumble upon a random object and allow my imagination to fill in the blank history of what it has been through, from what it was and to what it is now, where it was supposed to be and where it is found. These ambiguous pieces behold uncovered stories that feed my curiosity. The transformation of these objects, whether organic or synthetic, is the evidence of time, nature's way of processing, and constant changes. By incorporating them physically in my work, I try to understand the significance of nature's way.'



Mundane Existence

Found electrical tubing waste, brass buckle clips, brass pin

Dimensions variable

Mundane Existence is a series of herb brooches made from found electrical tubing. These brooches reference miscellaneous types of weed plants growing in unplanned areas in the city. Subtle as they are, their existence provides vital help to various life forms, just like how electricity is essential to a city’s prosperity. By wearing them, not only can we admire them up close, but also keep them close to our hearts and be reminded to appreciate the significance of the small things in our daily life.