CHONG Sze Man, Michelle (b.1997) is interested in Surrealism. She wants to break away from the boundary of Surrealism by showing her artistic journey. Elements, such as her neighbors, chairs, pomegranates, fish, flowers and spades, were considered as something dreamy and fantastic to her in her childhood. Her paintings show both innocence and arrogance by combining weird elements together. Most of her paintings narrate her stories and their values. She is now studying different Surrealist and Impressionist painters, psychology, and philosophy.

CHONG often uses bright colours to achive rich and colourful compositions in her paintings. She admires Salvador Dalí, the famous Surrealist icon. She believes original forms of things are exaggerated in Surrealism. The ideas of Surrealism are from reality but are not equal to reality. It combines different flows and concepts freely and meaningfully.

CHONG obtained her Higher Diploma in Jewellery Design and Visual Merchandising from the School of Continuing Education, Hong Kong Baptist University.

莊思敏(b. 1997)對超現實主義感興趣。她希望通過展示她的旅程以打破超現實主義的界限。她的鄰居、椅子、石榴、花和黑桃等元素對於童年時期的她而言都是夢幻而奇妙的。她的畫作把奇怪的元素結合在一起,展現了天真和傲慢。 她的大部分繪畫都訴說了她的故事和價值觀。 她現在正在研究不同的超現實主義和印象派畫家、心理學和哲學。

莊思敏經常使用明亮的油彩在她的畫作中形成豐富多彩的框架。她欣賞超現實主義藝術家薩爾瓦多·達利(Salvador Dalí)。 她認為超現實主義誇大了事物的原有形式。 超現實主義的概念來自現實但並不等同現實,它自由且富含內涵地組合了不同的概念和流動。


The Apathetic and the Blindness in the Mind of the Weak

Oil on canvas

60 × 50 cm

The Apathetic and the Blindness in the Mind of the Weak spotlights that apolitical people are numb. They only know how to enjoy the fruits of political civilisation which has been won by others who have risked their lives.