CHOI Ka Kuen, Ronald

CHOI Ka Kuen, Ronald mainly works on ceramics, jewellery, and videos. His ideas mostly come from social issues. He tries to arouse people's attention to social issues through his artworks.

CHOI's ceramic works focus on expressiveness. In his ceramic works, he pays attentions to shapes, textures, and aesthetics. He uses bold colours in his ceramic works. He wants to provide the audience with visual enjoyment and a sense of freshness. Furthermore, CHOI believes that the textures and shapes in his artworks help reveal the stories behind.

CHOI believes that art cannot be excluded from humans' daily life. He thinks that art is a way that allows people to appreciate their surroundings from different aspects. In addition, he believes that art is not merely for artists or art-related professionals. Everyone can understand art and experience the beauty of it.




Sediments of Emotion


Dimensions variable

Just like how the annual rings record and reflect the life of a tree, with time passing by, the inner personality and characteristics of a person can be built gradually. People easily forget the importance of inner development and mental health. Emotion is abstract and difficult to express, but it is also a vital element in creating a 'self'. In Sediments of Emotion, CHOI Ka Kuen, Ronald tries to present 'emotion' materially and investigates into the past 'self' using clay. He records his emotion every day and represents them with clay in different colours. He polishes different parts of the clay, which allows him to have a deeper understanding about his 'self'.

就像樹木的年輪能作一個生命的回顧及記錄,隨着時間的流逝,一個人的內在人格和特徵也會逐漸建立起來。人們在成長時很容易忽略內在發展和心理健康的重要性。情緒往往是抽象及難以言喻的,但它也是塑造了現在的「自身」的重要元素。在《沉積的情感》中,蔡嘉權嘗試記錄每天的 感覺並利用不同顏色的泥漿呈現它們。他在泥漿的不同位置進行打磨,繼而重新深入認識他「自己」。