CHIU Hsuan Hsiang, Josh

CHIU Hsuan Hsiang, Josh discusses different aspects of philosophy in his works, including the meanings of religions, thoughts on collectivism, and his worldview. CHIU lives in Hong Kong, a city with freedom of speech where he is allowed to think critically. He tends to use hypotheses in his work to encourage the audience to think, raising questions about nature, rules, or something which is meant to be immovable. He always asks the question, 'why not', to both himself and his audience.

Most of CHIU's works are in black and white and emphasise the gestures and movements of living creatures with simple lines.



Dog Chasing Cars


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A lot of times, people act like parasites, as they tend to rely on certain people, feelings, memories or beliefs, in order to move on. Dog Chasing Cars is a book telling stories of different people about their motivations in life, which aspire them to give, experience, compare, and fight back. There are always reasons for us to live, instead of merely existing.

很多時候,人們的行為就像寄生蟲一樣,因為他們傾向於依靠某些人、感情、記憶或信念以前進。《Dog Chasing Cars》是一本講述不同人的生活動機,激勵他們去給予、體驗、比較和反擊的故事書。總有理由讓我們活着,而不單單只是存在。