CHEUNG Shing Yuen, Venus

CHEUNG Shing Yuen, Venus is a female artist born in Hong Kong. She is interested in illustration, painting, and ceramic. She often finds her inspirations from her travel experiences, where she pays close attention to events or things that she encounters. She makes artworks based on her own life experience, and subtleness between people and daily lives.

In her works, CHEUNG often employs a joyful and dreamy spectrum of colours. Sometimes she expresses her thoughts in a humorous way. She believes that the audience can only be captivated by an artwork when the artist enjoys the creative process.



The Special One

Illustration book, ceramics, acrylic and oil on canvas

Set of five, dimensions variable

'Do you still remember your childhood dream?

When we grow up, we so often forget our dreams. We decide to go with the stream, but we also lose our true selves at the same time. We leave our dreams behind.

We are often afraid of being different from others, so we try hard to make ourselves like everyone else.

Are you currently feeling lost and constantly keep questioning yourself?'

In The Special One, one may open the book, and find the power of dreams together with the main character.