CHEUNG Nga Gee, Gee Gee

CHEUNG Nga Gee, Gee Gee is a Hong Kong-based artist who sees art as a means to narrate different stories and material cultures. Materialism, subjective and objective idealism is the foundation of her artwork development. 'I seem to know nothing about it, but "everything" to me, since I was born, was taught by the others.' In her recent works, CHEUNG creates a world with its own rules and creatures where she intends to make comparisons between the reality and the world she imagined, between the existence of humanity and the creatures, and between the laws given by the society and the rule of nature. Each creature presents an individual story, so different combinations of different stories may form a new world with new structures.


Hell Yeah

Acrylic painting and oil pastel on canvas, cast glass, kiln-formed glass

Set of three, 91 × 61 × 4 cm each
共三件,每件 91 × 61 × 4 cm

Hell Yeah is a mixed-media work combining painting and glass.

Drawing inspiration from higher-dimensional beings that are beyond human comprehension, the artist reveals the limitation of human perspectives that maintain the cycle of the world. It further leads to the idea of 'eternal recurrence': in almost infinite, a finite number of events will recur again and again until eternity. When humans starts to cognise and question about values, morality and responsibility, their meanings will then be dispelled.

《Hell Yeah》是一件結合了繪畫和玻璃的混合媒介作品。