CHEUNG Hui Yue, Kelly

CHEUNG Hui Yue, Kelly works in various media, including painting, photography, and sculpture. The representation of sea waves is an essential element in her works. She continuously seeks her roots in her hometown and explores the local fishing culture in Hong Kong. She creates work that depicts the sea in different ways and techniques, evoking memories from her hometown, and translating her personal emotions into visual languages.


Space of Missing

Light projection on glass cube

Glass cube: 30 × 30 × 30 cm
玻璃立方體:30 × 30 × 30 cm

Space of Missing is an installation artwork based on a site in Tap Mun, a semi-permanent shed built by CHEUNG Hui Yue, Kelly's grandfather. The wear and tear structure is where her grandfather and father grew up, and it is still standing today right along the shallow coast of the island. The artwork is inspired by CHEUNG's fading madding memory of the place and her uncertainty of her identities.

CHEUNG Hui Yuee, Kelly took photographs of the shed and projected them as a beacon of light inside a 'condensation glass cube'. The light emerges and disperses through evaporating water.