CHEUNG Hau Tung, Kacey

CHEUNG Hau Tung, Kacey's works involve painting, illustration, and ceramic. Most of her inspirations come from her daily life, personal experience, feelings, and relationships. CHEUNG is not bold in her creations. She advocates order and regularity, and she likes to create works in a fresh, relaxing and slightly naughty style. She prefers to tell stories through painting and words rather than three-dimensional works. She hopes her works will resonate with her audience and heal their souls.


Absurd City

Digital print on paper 紙本數碼打印

17.6 × 25 cm

It is not terrible for a city to become ridiculous. Absurd City attempts to reveal that the most terrible attribute is that people are often accustomed to the ridiculousness, and even forget about right and wrong.