CHENG Tsz Tung, Jennifer

CHENG Tsz Tung, Jennifer practises mixed media. In the past two years, she did several projects about the 'circulation' of space, culture, personal emotions and social phenomenon. The shape of circle constantly appears in her mind, and it reminds her of different cycles in her surroundings. The shape of a circle is an important element in her works, which functions as a magical and endless path. She often thinks about the relationships and cycles in life, and the continual questioning helps her create her works. 'If humans are dots on the path of a cycle, where are our positions? What is circulation? Is the path we believe "right"? Where is the starting point and the end? Are we trapped?' She wants to observe and find out the circulation of different 'lives' by experimenting with different creations to learn how the cycle works.


Walking Machine

Video installation

12 min 14 sec

Sensing is a crucial element for creating artworks. What if the artist's senses go missing? Walking Machine is an examination of CHEUNG Tsz Tung, Jennifer's emotion and attitude by disassembling her viewpoint into multiple ways of seeing through a mirror. To get into the mirror, she relocates herself as an outsider and projects this character on society via a camera.

Through filming, reflecting and narrating, the changing of the characters and visions of CHEUNG demonstrates the contradiction between machine and people, subjectivity and objectivity, optional and compulsory. The intention of the work is to find emotions from the indifference of CHEUNG herself and finally bring out the question, 'who is the real machine?'


透過拍攝、反映及敍述,角色和鄭芷彤視野的轉換,作品中展示了機器與血肉之軀、客觀性與主觀性和任意性與強制 性間的矛盾。作品的目的是嘗試從無情中找到感情,並最終帶出一個問題——「究竟誰是真正的機器?」