CHENG Man Yi, Claire

CHENG Man Yi, Claire is a sensitive person who explores her relationships with different people based on her experiences and memories. Her artworks are often related to human activities. She believes studying this topic can help her learn and understand more about life.

Most of CHENG's works are related to different types of relationships between people. She often creates artworks with various materials or methods. CHENG believes her work is a part of herself, so she uses her personal experiences as a starting point for her art practice to express her ideas and feelings.




Mirror cabinet, refrigeration modules

Dimensions variable

In the haze, there is only a dialogue between you and the mirror. In the moment of the silence, it reveals inner feelings. While you write down your inner secrets and feelings, it disappears, leaving no trace behind. Even when the secrets are revealed to other people, they show nothing as if they have been buried deeply.