CHAU Hiu Kwan, Chloe

CHAU Hiu Kwan, Chloe (b. 1998) focuses on interactive media and graphic design. She has picked up an interest in exploring and narrowing the distance between people, since she started approaching spiritual learning a few years ago.

Apart from spiritual learning, CHAU is also interested in indie music in Hong Kong. In recent years, she focuses on graphic design for local independent musicians, overseas bands, and music festivals.



Imponderable Heaviness


5 min

'Looking at my bleeding skin, I could smell my body was rotting. In those moments, I can feel my body gradually dying. Those days, when I could not walk freely, seemed like my body turned on the "forced quit mode" for me. Only when I’m underwater, I feel a moment of relief.'

'In the eyes of the bystanders, Eczema has become the norm. Everything seems so light, so light that the imbalance of inner self is persuaded and then lives on as usual.' CHAU Hiu Kwan, Chloe likens Eczema to an unconscious cycle of self-destruction. Just like the viewpoint of animals in an aquarium, they seem therapeutic, but are actually an anomaly. In Imponderable Heaviness, CHAU describes the perception of a patient with Eczema, describing her feelings between the breakage and healing that has been looping around for so many years.