CHAN Ying Ho, Teddy

CHAN Ying Ho, Teddy is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice includes sculpture, jewellery, and graphic design. He is fascinated by the unique characteristics of insects and is interested in the subtle relationship between Hong Kong people and insects. He uses insects as the subject in his art practice to voice out his own stories and accusation towards the society.


Mosquito, Soft Toy and Ship of Theseus

Fabric, cotton, metal wire

600 × 100 × 150 cm

'Everyone hates mosquitos.

If you hate mosquito bites, isn't it but an action driven by its nature, just like when you cannot help but touch this fluffy work?

If you hate the appearance of mosquitos, what about this fluffy, adorable, tremendous and fat creature? Do you like it? Do you think it is still a mosquito?'