CHAN Yin Chi, Candice

CHAN Yin Chi, Candice's practice encompasses drawing, painting, experiential design, ceramic, and jewellery.

CHAN explores the possibilities of different mediums and materials. Her practice is often inspired by Buddhist philosophy such as karma, memory, oblivion, and forgetfulness. CHAN recently started to pay attention to the fragility in life and focus on the fragments of her daily life. It leads to her object-oriented exploration of the relationship between memory and the fleeting nature of existence.




Wax, lamp, cabinet, belongings of the artist’s grandfather

Dimensions variable

Memories are impermanent and as fleeting and frail as wax.

In Memento, lines of yellowish wax are weaved and crossed to create a structure which resembles the neural system of the brain, like a condensation of the traces of memory. The work integrates with the idea of the cabinet of curiosity. Personal objects are showcased in each slot of the cabinet like a theatre of memory, filling them with the precious traces of CHAN Yin Chi, Candice’s grandfather who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The cabinet displays her grandfather’s experience, stories, and memories. The encounter and oscillation between the series of personal objects and wax structures interweave a visual sonata that evokes memories.