AU Cheuk In, Cathy

AU Cheuk In, Cathy believes that the core of life is not as fulfilling as many people, movies and books suggest, and humans are just a tiny fraction of life in the world.

AU’s practice focuses on organic and straightforward forms. Her works aim to break away from the stereotypes in art by minimising the elements to create a simple, pure, but potent atmosphere.



It's All Round

Engraving on window glass, window glass powder fired on porcelain

Set of three, window glass: 100 × 100 × 12 cm, porcelain ball: 10 × 10 × 10 cm, porcelain ball fragment: dimensions variable
共三件,窗戶玻璃:100 × 100 × 12 cm、瓷球:10 × 10 × 10 cm、瓷球碎片:尺寸可變

'Looking at those who come and go, I no longer carry those emotions, because I understand that we need to learn to embrace the contradictions of being a human.'

It’s All Round is inspired by AU Cheuk In, Cathy's growth and the doubts about human nature. Habitually deceiving others and evading problems are people's deep-rooted depravity. We always hope that everything will be perfect. However, no matter how kind and sincere a person is, there will still be white lies. We are honest only when we are facing gods and animals. Behind that honesty, it is built on the basis of true acceptance.

The conclusion of being accepted and frank is to absorb and learn from the fragments that brought by the defects and experiences. 'Cover with the powder that those experiences have taken away, and turn it into a shield to protect yourself and your honesty.'