Rumination on Luxuries

Chinese calligraphy
(Small Seal Script)
Set of 9:
30 cm × 120 cm each

In the 21st century, everyone is addicted to materialism and hedonism. However, one should not only be pursuing the luxuries in life. Indulging in hedonism and lusting after luxuries will result in getting lost in the intoxicated and materialistic society. Through this work, I would like to build a better attitude towards life and to strive for the true meaning of life.

Small Seal Script, an ancient script that emphasises elegance and class, is rendered on white paper to create a sense of austerity. Presented in a critical manner, I attempt to use vivid colour to satirise the materialistic world.

A self-composed acrostic poem, a type of poetry where the first characters in a line constitute a particular phrase, is read horizontally (first and fourth rows) and vertically in this piece. Characters highlighted in the first and fourth rows are read horizontally from right to left: “勞斯萊斯”, “梵克雅寶”, “路易威登” and “百達翡麗”. They represent the extraordinarily high-end brands in different types of luxury goods: cars (Rolls-Royce), jewellery (Van Cleef & Arpels), fashion (Louis Vuitton) and watches (Patek Philippe). It is written horizontally to epitomise four high-end brands that symbolise endless desires. With the vertical poetry representing my aspirations, they create a meaningful poem. When we aim at lofty aspirations, make great efforts to achieve our dreams, and never indulge in materialistic society, life will become more meaningful.




作品利用自撰的離合詩,刻畫出我對生命的見解。值得注意的是,這首詩除了能夠以傳統方式垂直(由上而下)閱讀外,亦可從右至左讀出(橫行一及四):勞斯萊斯、梵克雅寶、路易威登和百達翡麗,代表著不同類別的奢侈品牌:名車(Rolls-Royce),珠寶(Van Cleef & Arpels),時裝(Louis Vuitton)和鐘錶(Patek Philippe)。