My Wish

Mixed media on wood
Set of 10: size variable

“Some ways are meant for you to go alone. I am slowly reckoning that the fate between parents and children only means that you, in this lifetime, are seeing their figures disappear.” − LONG Ying Tai, Seeing them off

Can we pretend that the past didn’t happen? Can disregard heal
the wounds? Does leaving from one place mean vanishing into
an eternal void?

I painted on Matryoshka dolls to record the memory fragments of my mother and I. Every layer of doll resembles the memory locked at the bottom of my heart. The work proves the existence of our interaction and preserves it in the layered Matryoshka dolls.


「有些路啊,只能一個人走,我慢慢地、慢慢地瞭解到,所謂父母、子女一場,只不過意味著,你和他的緣分就是今生今世,不斷地在目送他的背影漸行漸遠。」 ——龍應台 《目送》