Sai Kung in Between

Chinese seal engraving, ink on tree bark
Size variable

I am a resident of Sai Kung. Many things changed and disappeared throughout the years and they can only live in my memory. The changes that happened in one of my favourite places reminds me of a lot of things from the past. Therefore, I have the idea to introduce Sai Kung from my perspective and express my feelings to locals. In my project, tree bark represents Sai Kung, and the series of seals, graphics, and drawings on the tree bark are memories, messages, and personal experiences that I hear, see, and feel.

The archaic Small Seal Script in my seal embodies a deep-rooted artistic tradition, and hence is an effective element to interpret Tanka language and historic shop signs. Memories and impressions that appeared through the texts, logos, and graphics are stamped on the tree bark, leaving an imperfect image to present old taste, and also reveals the remnants of memory traces. Small Seal Script is also a tactful way to present discourse. Old buildings, old shops, vernacular Tanka language, feelings about the development of Sai Kung, and daily life and culture are all shown through seal engraving.