Wong Wai Shan


A Subtle Happiness in Hearty Soup

Seal engraving, wax, soup, polyester resin
Size variable

I consider soup as a family heritage that refers to the qualities of honour and pride handed down from the past, and they are passed to the future after my sister gives birth to her baby. Six groups of seal indicate six kinds of soup suitable for different family members and stages in life.

I mixed the soup with sodium alginate in a bath of calcium to form spheres, then preserved them in the seal stone. The efficacy of medical soup and some daily episodes are recorded in the seal, with the flexible and archaic Chinese characters in Oracle Bone Script. The subtle changes in the thickness of strokes and the sizes of words are executed to create rhythm in the seal impression.

Stressing on the experimental materials and processes, I would like to break the orderly image of traditional Chinese seal engraving. I intentionally arrange the seal impressions asymmetrically. The denseness and sparseness help emphasise the fluidity of soup and the liveliness of archaic characters. The circle symbolises the sense of reunion and harmony, while the shape of the soup bowl is also a circle. I framed the seal impressions as circles, completing the relationship between family and soup.



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