Sam and His Plants

Yu Yan Yan, Karisa 俞欣恩

Honour Project

Picture Book
3 pieces: 18.5 x 25 cm

When finding something ineffable, poets tend to insinuate their feelings through parables. By a simple story, people’s thoughts and emotions can prevail in the air. The Tang artist Wong Wei, for example, allowed himself to deluge in the mood of love by glimpsing few sprouts springing out of a handful of red beans, while in a song of the ancient book Shi Jing, the lyrist consigned his deep sorrow to the leaves of willow falling in profusion. It seems that between man and object, there is an equivocal connection, through which the uncatchable yet ingenious affection can be incarnated. In my illustration books, Sam, the protagonist across a number of independent narratives, is linked up with a couple of particular plants in the hope of letting the readers penetrate into his life and experience what he has experienced among the pages.

楊柳寓情,紅豆寄思,人與物之間,似乎有著一些微妙的連帶關 係,人的感情往往透過物件的描寫表現出來。在我的繪本中,我利 用故事主人翁阿森與數棵植物的聯繫,將讀者帶進他的生命中, 在不同的情境下,細味他的經歷。