The Imperfection Beauty

Wong Chin Wai, Rebecca 黃展蔚

Honour Project

Book Design
13 x 18.5 cm

‘Wabi-Sabi’ is a Japanese concept of aesthetic beauty. It emphasizes the value of impermanence, imperfection and incompleteness. ‘Imperfection’ is an essential inspiration to me throughout the project. I would like to explore the hidden beauty in the city and remind readers to pursue simplicity through nature. My book project contains stories between perfection and imperfection. The stories create an imaginative space for readers to delve into the traditional aesthetic values.

「侘寂」是一個日本的美學概念,它強調無常、不完善和不完 整的價值。透過探索城市裡隱藏的信息,這份作品提醒觀者 追求自然和簡單的生活。書本設計包括了完美和不完美的故 事,這些故事創造一個富有想像力的空間,從而探討現代與 傳統的審美價值。