To Kwan Yi, Cynthia 杜筠怡

Honour Project

Installation, Mixed Media
( Transparent acrylic tubes, Water,
Air pump, Wood )
( 透明壓克力管、水、氣泵、木 )
Bubble column sculptures 氣泡塔:
120 x 50 x 30cm
Recording booth 錄音台:
150 x 200 x 150cm

Confession is a sound installation, revealing people’s secrets in a subtle manner. I encourage audience to record and share their secrets, which are then transformed into air bubbles pulsating in 6 water columns. Audience can further interact in live with the 7th water column that is set inside a recording booth. Secrets as memories, hidden feelings and unspoken words, with time they build up as unhealthy influences in our lives. Confession is a spiritual practice for us to put aside the past and rejuvenate ourselves. Buried secrets are like the pressure underwater; by confessing, people release their burdens as their secrets materialize into air bubbles and travel up the water column.

「自白」是一組聲音裝置藝術。我鼓勵人們錄音記錄他們的秘密,收集 後我將錄音轉化成氣泡水柱。 隨著時間的推移,我們的秘密演化成負面情緒和壓力,自白則是我們 摒棄過去,更新自己的修行。 內心秘密的負擔就如水壓一樣,透過自白,人們的秘密轉化成空氣,突 破水壓、重回水面,此過程象徵自我釋放和突破。觀眾可與錄音室內的 氣泡水柱互動,以鼓勵人們實踐自白,靈性的修煉和精神突破的儀式。