Shum Ying Tung, Rachel 沈映彤

Honour Project

Text-based Installation
( Glass, Plexiglass )
( 玻璃、有機玻璃 )
Size Variable

When looking at a mirror, one is not only confronted with a reflection of his corporeal form, he is also forced to face and examine his innate emotional nature. What can be seen through the looking glass is not always pleasant. It could project negative feelings of fear, despair, frustration and self-contempt which we all carry within ourselves. Alas, the vulnerable ones who cannot withdraw from the darkness will inevitably be torn apart by their inner critics in the process of introspection.

鏡子裡的反射,不僅是我們的肉體形式,我們也不得不面對 和審視自己與生俱來的情感本質。通過鏡子看到的並不總是愉快的。它可以投射出恐懼,絕望,沮喪和自卑的負面情緒。當情商脆弱的人無法從黑暗中撤出,他們會無可避免地在反省的過程中被內心的批評家撕裂自己。