Pets or Food: Relationships of Human with Animals
寵物 食物

Ma Cheuk Ying 馬卓盈

Honour Project

Size Variable

The relationship between humans and animals is a complex one. Most humans tend to have a different opinions and views on each type of animals which can categories into two areas: animals as friend or pets and animals as food. This installation is based on a common western dining setting. In which, it consisted of three main elements which are human, animal and food. This lingering state of relationships triangle provided a focus for the installation’s exploration of humanity connection with animals. Dog is normally considered as one of human’s closest friend whereas some other animals, such as cows, are considered as one of the tastiest food. This transformation of a dog into cow emphasizes the conflict relationship of animals with human which could not be more complicated. Is animal a pet OF human or is it a food FOR human?

人與動物之間的關係是非常複雜的,但大致可歸為兩類:視動物為朋友 和寵物,或視動物為食物。我的作品以裝置藝術的形式,將人、動物和食 物設置於一個典型的進餐環境中,藉以探討當中千絲萬縷的「三角」關 係。這個似狗又似牛的擺設刻劃了人與動物之間的衝突。 到底動物是寵物,還是食物?