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LUK Ka Wai 陸家慧

Honour Project

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Communication is a process of encoding and decoding. While communicating with others, due to slip of tongue or wrong choice of words, it may lead to miscommunication, that the true feelings and thoughts could not be expressed precisely. On an afternoon in March, a ray of sunlight shone through the window and came into Rm 001, but after that moment has past it can never be seen again. From then on I started to collect the light I saw that day in different way. Using the light as the medium, this work is to explore the continuous state of adjustment in communication between factors of calculation and contingent.

溝通的模式是一個編碼和解碼的過程。和他人交流時,由於各 樣的口誤或辭不達意,有些話語和感覺總是表達不清。今年三 月的一個下午,一道自然光透過窗子進入了001室,但三月過 後就不曾遇見。然後我嘗試重現並收集那天的光影,以這道光 為載體,探討溝通之間計算和偶然的元素一直處於調整中的 狀態。