LUK Ka Him 陸加謙

Honour Project

Installation with Animation
200 x 60 cm

“This is just an ordinary staircase.” I used to think in the same way as well. My family and I used to live in a village where we have to walk through this staircase every day for more than ten years. As time passed, those so called day-to-day insignificant memories were building up step by step along this staircase. While I was trying to create those moments back to life, I found myself and my family in a rather new perspective; the way we used to interact with each other. I believe there is a sweet and unique connection that somehow bonded our family.

「這是一條很平凡的樓梯」,我以前也是這樣想。 以前我一家人住在村屋,每天都會走這道樓梯回家。十多年 來,不知不覺間在這條樓梯上積藏了很多的生活片段,那都 是些瑣事。在描繪那些片段的過程中,我重新發現了自己和 家人的小性情,再次看見我們之間相處的方式。當中藏着我 們一種特別,又窩心的牽絆。