Survive or Living?

LI Tin Man 李天敏

Honour Project

Mixed Media Installation
Size Variable

We practice survival from day to day, gradually forget what it is to live. We fear death. Yet only when we are facing death, will we reflect, ponder what it means to be alive. Still, through illness and dying, it makes me understand what is living at the moment. I use multimedia as the media contact and realized how life can be.

我們日復一日地實踐「生存」,漸漸忘記什麼是生活。 我們害怕死亡,卻會在面對死亡時,反思何為活著。 生病、垂死或許令我明白什麼才是活在當下。 我的作品以多媒體為主,去體會生活可以如何演繹。