Marks 痕.跡

LEUNG Hiu Tung 梁曉彤

Honour Project

Photography, Installation
847 x 152 cm

Everyone wants flawless skin, especially for women, scars are their nightmares.Scars on women’s bodies might change the way how people look at them and hence weaken their self-esteem.However, throughout a lifetime, different types of scars are accumulated. From the acne scars in adolescence to precise surgical scars in later life,they are the marks of our history. I record different types of scars from various stages of women’s lives because we always want to deny and erase their existences but they are just the mundane of life. Like memories, some scars might fade with time or some might stay for a lifetime. They are part of us.

每個人都嚮往完美的皮膚,尤是女性,疤痕往往是她們的惡 夢。疤痕可以改變人們對女性的看法,亦可能令她們失去自 信。但是,大大小小不同的疤痕在生命中是無可避免的,不論 是青春期時的痤瘡問題或遲暮之年疾病所留下的烙印,它們 都是我們生命的註腳。我紀錄女性在不同時期的疤痕,目的 是證明疤痕往往只是普通的生理產物,而令我們痛苦的往往 不是疤痕自身。 形形式式的疤象徵著我們經歷過,克服過的困難與哀痛,不論 它們會褪色或是永留於心,它們始終是構成我們的一部分。