Cha Chaan Teng 茶餐廳

LEE Yee Shan 李綺珊

Honour Project

Graphic Design and Package Design
80 x 60 cm

Since things in Hong Kong are getting more or less the same, they lost their uniqueness and style. I would like to rebrand and redesign a Hong Kong style traditional restaurant. From small designs like the menu, placemat and chopstick holders to some larger scale ones. Through combining the traditional and modern style of the restaurant, I would like to create an authentic and contemporary environment to clients. It aims
to establish a better appearance and to promote traditional Hong Kong food.

現在香港有很多東西都統一化,失去其特色和風味。而香 港的舊式茶餐廳正正能夠代表香港這個城市和香港人。 香港生活節奏急速,香港人追求快和準確性,但人情味卻 很濃厚。正因為如此,我會重新設計和包裝現今變得毫無 特色的茶餐廳,使其變得富有香港本土特色之餘,亦增添 一份親切和時尚感。