Sort Sort Day 傻傻哋

Lee Chiu Wing 李昭穎

Honour Project

Picture Book
21 x 29.7 cm

My artwork is always about the mental statuses of people. Studying the appearance of people, and expressing emotions with graphics are my interest. I draw stories about Obsessive–compulsive disorder (O.C.D.) with surreal illustrations to define O.C.D. from a new perspective. The stories shows how O.C.D. patients think and feel, and what difficulties they are facing and how they react in daily life.

我的作品總是關於人類的精神狀態。 研究及描繪人物的臉部表情是我的興趣。 我希望利用故事,並透過超現實的手法重新定義強迫症。 這件作品會展示強迫症患者的感受和想法,以及他們在日常 生活中遇到的困難和反應。