Hello! My Neighbours 鄰人

Law Wing Yi 羅詠怡

Honour Project

Media Video Installation
Size Variable

Living under the same roof, neighbors should have a close connection, but in reality, they don’t. How hard it can be for us to communicate with and care for each other? Using a peephole installation, I try to know about my neighbors’ lives from outdoor to indoor . Eventually, once you are friendly and sincere, the barrier between your neighbors and you will be broken.

生活在同一屋簷下,鄰居之間本應有很密切的接觸和交流,但 現實中我們又有多少機會與左鄰右里真正溝通,互相關心? 我嘗試透過防盜眼裝置,由屋外看進屋內,了解身邊人的生 活。原來只要你願意真誠示好,就能打破與鄰居一門之隔的距離。