Look and See 看,看見

Lam Wing Sze 林穎詩

Honour Project

Mixed Media
Size Variable

I observe objects and landscapes in natural and urban area, meanwhile, using video to record events that were happening there. Under a long period of recording, I wait for changes to appear, and look for interactions between objects and their surroundings. Through arranging those fragments in a same space, I give audience a chance to look at and come across with what is seen.

我觀察城市與大自然內的景物,其間,以錄像直接紀錄在環 境中發生的事情。在長時間的紀錄裡,我等待畫面的變化、觀 看物件與其空間的互動。

我安置這些片段在同一空間內,讓觀者有一個看與遇見的 機會。