Diary 日記

Lam Oi Man 林藹文

Honour Project

Mixed Media
(Plaster, Paper, Wax, Tin, Clay, Sand, Chocolate, Resin)
33 x 42 x 25 cm, set of 8

98 Men are vessels, carrying af fections, memories and thoughts. Similarly, materials hold and mold through vessels. Every material is unique. Their characteristics and textures endow themselves with a sense of linguistics. For my art piece, its material goes beyond languages. It emerges my beliefs and emotions. Some of the memories and feelings are hidden and locked. And I am the only key.

人像一個容器,盛載著感情、回憶和想法。物料同樣需要容器 去盛載和定型。不同的物料擁有的特性和質感,賦予了它的 語言性。我的作品嘗試用物料代替文字,呈現我不同的情感 和想法,讓人閱讀我的同時,也讓我鎖上記憶和感受。而我, 是唯一開啟這些記憶和感受的鎖匙。