Interdependence. Cycle. Core 核心環

Lam King Lo 林璟璐

Honour Project

Mixed Media
( Paper clay, Rubber band, Plant )
( 再造紙黏土、橡皮筋、植物 )
200 x 200 x 30 cm

All species have their dedicated position within the cycle of nature; they may not be distinguished by their social or economic value. Similar to the cells within a body , all species have their specific features and functions, but at their core they are all equal and dependent on each other to maintain the balance of the cycle. Yet, humans conventionally consider themselves special.

Based on this observation, and inspired by elements of Buddhist belief, this installation picks up on the traditional depiction of the universe in mandalas, and transform it into an elastic network made of paper clay and rubber band, inviting the audience to physically experience the interdependence of nature’s creatures.

所有物種在自然循環中都有其獨特性與存在位置,它們未必 能以社會或經濟價值作區分,就如每種細胞的外形、作用不 一,但本質卻相同,互相依存從而平衡生態。 然而,人類通常認為自己是特殊的。這件作品以佛教、曼荼 羅等元素轉成一個彈性網絡,並邀觀眾體驗生物相互依存 的性質。